Study Practice Teach

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.” – Ezra 7:10

I’ll never forget the first time I read those words. It was nearly 3 years ago, and I was sitting in my dining room preparing a Sunday School lesson for the youth group at our church. I remember pacing back and forth a few times, trying to process what I had just read. The words had hit me. Hard. Walking back to my Bible, I read the verse again, this time more slowly. As I did, three words kept running through my mind.

Study. Practice. Teach.

As I read the verse several more times I realized that this is more than just black words on white paper – this was a blueprint, a road map to becoming the man God made me to be. The three words that kept repeating in my head summed up the life I was longing to lead.

Study. Practice. Teach.

Many of today’s Christians are lost in a fog of confusion, wandering aimlessly through life without direction, clarity, or purpose – and the consequences of this are staggering.  Our society is more divided and combative than it’s ever been. Homes are broken. Children are growing up without a model of Christ to pattern their lives after. And churches are failing to reach their communities, which are already floundering without strong moral leadership.

The one glaring deficiency in our culture is the lack of Christ followers who know the truth (study), live in obedience to the truth (practice), and passionately share the truth with others (teach). Every problem in society can trace its roots back to this void.

SPT seeks to fill this void by clearly modeling biblical living. Our writing is aimed primarily at those who are seeking to passionately follow Christ, but we believe everyone will find tremendous value in the pages they interact with because whether you’re a Christian or not, knowing and living in the truth just works. Together, we will explore and discuss how the Bible guides and informs our practical living, with the ultimate goal of becoming more like Jesus – in every possible way.

Practically speaking, this means that no topics are off limits. Every area of our lives is subject to being placed under the microscope of Scripture – including the areas that make us uncomfortable. We will relentlessly wrestle with the truths of the Bible and how they intersect with our lives in this crazy, unpredictable world.

The main goal of this blog is action. After we’ve uncovered the truth, we are then obligated to live in the freedom of obedience. No one is to be pitied more than those who know the truth and yet fail to live in it.

Ultimately, SPT seeks to better equip and encourage our readers to become Christ-like spouses, parents, co-workers, church leaders, and community influencers who know, live, and share God’s truth.

Study. Practice. Teach.

These three words are more than a just catchphrase or slogan – they’re a way of life. They represent the life I want to lead, the man I’m striving to be, and the legacy I want to leave behind. I hope you’ll join me.